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Core Competencies

Content writing
Copy editing
Communication strategy


Writer-In-Chief and Big Bossy Boots


In a world where so much of what we do is automated and managed by apps and computers, I believe it’s crucial that we maintain a human agenda.

It’s people that drive our technology and innovation forward – learning, liking, loving, sharing. If we keep the human experience at the heart of what we do, anything is possible.

That's what great copy can do for you - give you content that your humans actually like.

You could improve your customer engagements with just a few tweaks. Let us take a look under the hood.

You'll get a personal, efficient and no-fuss experience with us, plus we’ll do a kick-ass job at half the price you’ll pay through an agency.

On the personal side, I love the smell of old books and am a sucker for novels that delve into family legacy. I adore space movies and will not accept a cup of tea without a biscuit as accompaniment.

Core Competencies

Content writing
Copy editing
Proof reading


Queen-of-Proof and Glitterati


Dee is our Queen-of-Proof and a fantastic copy editor. Blessed with the Gift of the Gab, she has a knack for turning plain or disorganised content into copy that is engaging, easy-to-read, and most importantly – grammatically correct!

She has a penchant for spicy food and anything with pineapple on it. She also adores anything shiny – the more it glitters, the better. Basically, she’s a magpie.

Core Competencies

Legal terminology
Proof reading


Eagle Eye and No-Nonsense Administrator


A stern eye for detail and a passion for doing things right makes Sandi an indispensable member of the team and formidable proofreader. Having spent most of her time in the legal industry, she’s the one who will most likely be eagle-eyeing all your corporate policies.

She also handles a lot of the admin and invoicing, so you may hear from her from time to time.

As an avid gardener and lover of crime novels, she can often be found near her pots and plants, casting inquiring glances at her neighbours. She only drinks refrigerated red wine. No-one knows why.